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We are really excited to ANNOUNCE the Isaac Shelby Skills Camp! This year we wanted to offer a fun and competitive way for future high school stars to get involved with local college athletes. This will be a two-day camp; Friday Night Lights and then Competition Saturday. Each day will have its own agenda and will rival any camp you attend this year!

Friday Night Lights We will work several drills and provide the athletes with work they are able to continue at home in order to excel at their position. Each group will have at least one coach who played at the college level. We will make the activities fun and safe for any athlete at any skill level.

Competition Saturday It is exactly what it says; a competition! Football is after all a competitive game and we wanted to allow the athletes to showcase their talent against each other! We will have particular events setup in order for each position group to battle it out on the turf.


Isaac Shelby Camp